What causes watery eyes? There are many common causes that come to mind. Allergies, a common cold, injuries or sinusitis.

Persistent watery eyes can become more than just a nuisance they can become a serious health problem and should be addressed by an eye doctor.

watery eyes

To understand the more serious causes of watery eyes, we begin by a brief overview of how the eye removes the tears. Tears drain into the nose by tiny openings in the eye lid next to the nose and through the tear ducts. Tear ducts don’t produce tears, they carry tears away. The tear ducts can become stopped which makes and overflow in the eyes.

In older adults, the skin can become loose near the eye and the will make the tears accumulate and flow out instead of flowing down the tear duct. The tear duct can become infected and stopped up, this will cause temporary eye problems such as watery eyes.

An ingrown eyelash, known as trichiasis causes watery eyes and many serious side effects such as infection or loss of vision.

Sarcoidosis is another cause of eye problems. It occurs when the body’s immune system responds to something breathed from the air and responds by making small inflamed cells that can accumulate in the eye.

There is no cure for sarcoidosis but it can be diagnosed at an eye center and managed with medication. Stevens-Johnson syndrome is normally rare but is a very serious condition of the mucus membrane usually cause by a reaction to medication.

As a result of the swelling of the mucus membrane the eyes become itchy and watery. Keratitis is an inflammation of the cornea that causes many problems such as watery eyes. If the eyes are watery, red and inflamed, an appointment with a doctor specialising in Lasik in Singapore is necessary to diagnose underlying eye problems so as to avoid any loss of vision.

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