Person wiping table

A major problem in many homes is dust. The dust that settles around your home can make things appear dingy and unclean. Dust can also contain harmful allergens and bacteria. You need to address this problem directly. Here are a few ways to combat dust in your home.


matPut Heavy Mats near Entryways

The first thing you want to do is prevent dust and allergens from getting into your home in the first place. An effective way to do this is to put heavy mats near all entryways into the house. These should be heavy mats that have deep fibres or treads that will pick up the dust from shoes when people come inside. Place the mats just inside the doors.

Eliminate Clutter and Create Open Spaces


Objects around your home attract dust. You are going to see a large amount of dust on and around items like decorations, stacks of books or piles of cables. You want to eliminate clutter throughout your house and create open spaces. This makes it more difficult for dust to settle on surfaces. It also keeps dust in the air where it can be removed through ventilation or air conditioning.

Run a Robotic Vacuum Every Day

Dust in the air is going to fall to the ground where your feet will kick it back up again. The way to stop this cycle is to run a robot vacuum every day. You want to activate the vacuum at the end of the day before going to bed or in the morning before going to work. A vacuum like the Scooba 390 can handle tile, laminate and hardwood floors. Other robots can do carpets. This is an effortless way to combat dust.

Remember to Clean Curtains and Upholstery Regularly


The fabrics around your home are magnets for dust and allergens. Curtains, upholstery and blankets can all become saturated with dust in a very short period of time. You need to remember to clean these items on a regular basis. You want to clean the items once every week or two depending on the extent of the dust problem. Wash the items thoroughly and allow everything to dry. Make sure to clean pillow and cushion covers as well.
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