Facing a new morning with true Singaporean dishes on the table assures a great day ahead. With the taste of the finest Asian ingredients, these early-morning local cuisines would surely boost your happy hormones and satisfy your hungry tummies! Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, or Indonesian tastes are all improved or combined to come out with the best cuisine for your daily food trip.


  1. Kaya Toast This may be considered as the country’s national breakfast. The custard jam which was made out of vanilla-like herb pandan, coconut, and egg serves as the kaya spread to the toasts. No food stalls would beat the homemade recipes because it’s the way in which you’ll have control with the quantities of ingredients to pour. It tastes sweet with a butterscotch-like texture. What’s best is that Kaya could also be your cheap and handy morning snack.


  1. Nasi Lemak A blend of Malaysian and Indonesian twist, this dish is basically a rice piled with various condiments and relishes. You will expect peanuts, cucumbers, dried anchovies, hard-boiled eggs, fish sambal, and chili spices on your plate.


  1. Rice Porridge Popularly described as the Asian oatmeal, the rice porridge in Singapore is studded with mouthwatering creaminess and viscosity with the additional of some bits of meat as toppings. Smooth as it looks, it is one of Singapore’s best rice dishes.


  1. Roti Prata A traditional Indian food improved to catch an Asian taste, it is like a buttery Indian paratha (or simply known as pancakes) which is freshly served as a Malaysian roti canai. Roti is thinner and crispier making it easier to chew than paratha. And by the way, don’t forget your side dips of thickened coconut milk chicken curry.


  1. Carrot Cake Fried chunky Daikon radish cake with eggs, this is not your typical cake. It is creamier and salty. There are two versions of this dish—the light one is just the mixture of eggs and the radish cake, whereas the dark one is the product of sweet soy sauce that caramelizes when fired on a griddle.

Mee goreng recipe

  1. Mee Goreng Have you heard stir-fried noodles? Sounds, new and weird, but Singaporeans love it! The crispy noodle dish is also garnished with potato, greens, tofu, and sweet sauce making it sweet and at the same time intensely hot!


Good mornings with delighted tummies are always the best combinations! Experience the Singaporean way of getting stuffed through these yummy recommendations. Happy eating!