Do you know someone suffering from eye cataract in Singapore?

According to data obtained from the Singapore Malay Eye Study, 65% of blind people in the Malay community is blind because of cataracts. Fortunately, cataracts are treatable and can be surgically removed to restore eyesight.

Causes of Cataracts

The eye’s lens consists of protein and water. Over time, the protein contained in this lens begins to solidify and clump together. This formation is what is known as a cataract.

No one fully understands why the proteins in the eyes change and form cataracts. However, there are several factors that have been discovered that are linked to and believed to cause the formation of cataracts and these include:

  • Diabetes
    • Smoking
    • Obesity
    • Being highly myopic
    • Family history of cataracts
    • Smoking
    • Exposure to UV radiation

To reduce or slow down the effects of cataract formation, aim to eat food rich in antioxidants and vitamin E such as spinach, almonds and sunflower seeds. Green leafy vegetables are particularly loaded with carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin which are also needed by the eyes.

Treating Cataracts

Eye cataract treatment in Singapore is done by ophthalmologists. It is important to schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist when you first notice changes in your eyes. Your doctor may suggest you try glasses or even bifocals before opting for surgery. Surgery is always the last option and left for advanced cataracts which are severely affecting your life and causing you to rely on others for daily activities.

The majority of people who receive cataract surgery regain 20/20 or even 20/40 vision. This happens thanks to the plastic intraocular lens inserted by the surgeon during surgery.

Life Post Cataract Surgery

Most people assume that post surgery they won’t need glasses. The truth of the matter is, you will more often need glasses to read or to correct minor refractive errors.

Your ophthalmologist will explain in greater detail the need for these postoperative glasses, but at least you’ll have your eyesight back and see better than even before! Contact an eye doctor near you to start treatment to eye cataract in Singapore!