Here are some solid tips and tricks to boost your stats and take a fresh breath for online gaming, be it in MMROPGs or FPSs.

Tip 1:

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Be sure to check out other forums, websites, and videos to get help and hints from players facing the same challenges you are. Chances are other gamers have run into the exact same problem you have, and by typing the problem into a search engine or watching some YouTube videos, you can get a fresh perspective on what otherwise might be a daunting task. Often, more experienced players will also give hints, helps, and advice on how to circumnavigate difficult goals and challenges, or even just be willing to share what works for them. The same problems that you face have definitely been faced by others before, and frequently many people come together to share their tactics for developing the best way to beat the game.


Tip 2:

Look into gaming sites, like,and community forums regularly and stay up to date on current gaming news and events. If there is a sale on for the latest DLC or update for a new patch for your game resolving some issues and introducing new content, it can radically change the way that you will need to approach future strategies and incorporate newer tactics. SEA gamers need to be on the forefront of latest gaming trends and patch updates to stay competitive in the global scene, especially as more and more players sign up by the day.


Tip 3:

Take a break from your main game every now and then to refresh yourself and allow for some decompression. Like many SEA gamers, you may very well be in a league and under considerable pressure to consistently perform at a near-perfect level to maintain a competitive rank in the online world. Destress by playing a simple game which requires much less coordination or team effort – even non-competitive players get burnt out on the games they love and need variety to allow themselves to mentally decompress and look at things anew. Also, by trying something different, you might gain a new perspective on a challenge that you are facing in your main game. Check with gaming sites, like, to see if they offer any specials or promotions on games that you think would help you play just for fun, instead of for completion or competition.


That’s all! Be sure to have fun, and happy gaming!