Bikini Body

As a highly-advanced island nation with lots of beaches and luxury swimming pools for swimming and sunning, Singapore has ample opportunities for you to show off your stunning good looks. But, like most people, you probably want to get in shape to show off your best bikini body.

Whether you are a young woman just starting out in life or a married mother of a newborn, you can rock your bikini body with dedication and hard work. The following six suggestions also will help a great deal.


  1. Increase Water Intake No natural substance help to flush toxins from your body better than water. When you want to get your rocking bikini body in shape, you need to increase your water intake. Drink at least 2 or 3 liters of water each day. If you don’t really like to drink a tasteless liquid, you can infuse some herbs, cucumber slices, or even lemons in your water.


  1. Eat More Natural Diuretics The food you eat can do more than making your waistline wider. When you eat and drink more foods that are natural diuretics, like green tea, asparagus, and cucumbers, your body processes fluids much faster. That helps you to get rid of any bloated weight you might be carrying while helping you to slim down naturally.

Eat More Natural Diuretics


  1. Start Sweating at the Gym The best way to get a rocking beach body is through strength training. Whether you do it at home or at a gym, you need a workout routine that changes each day but provides a full body workout throughout your week.


  1. Focus on Behind and Tummy Your bikini body requires a tight stomach and a firm behind. In addition to your full body workout, you want to ensure you focus on your abdomen and buttocks for an hourglass figure.

Focus on Behind and Tummy


  1. Get Rid of Stretch Marks Whether you are a mother who recently gave birth or have been dieting and left with telltale stretch marks, you don’t have to resign yourself to one-piece swimsuits. The best stretch mark cream will help to tighten your tummy and get rid of stretch marks and cellulite so that you can rock your bikini body.


  1. Reduce Intake of Carbohydrates and Alcohol For opposite reasons, you need to reduce your intake of starchy carbohydrates and alcohol. Foods like bread, pizza, pasta, cookies, bagels, and crackers have a lot of preservatives and sodium that cause you to retain water and promote bloating. Alcohol is diuretic and has the opposite effect of purging water from your system, which leaves you dehydrated and leads to poor sleep.

Reduce Intake of Carbohydrates and Alcohol


Moderating your intake of starchy carbohydrates will help you to better process water. And, when having a glass of wine or beer, a glass of water before and after each one can help to replace lost water.

Singapore has a year-round climate that is very conducive to lounging at the poolside or hanging out at the beach with friends and family. If you prepare now, some simple modifications of your daily routine and dedication to working out can give you the rocking bikini beach body you need to turn heads and have fun.