Creativity has a way to not only transform the office, but boost productivity and simply make people happier. It is also capable of attracting new clients as they see just how creative the business is. Of course, not everyone is a creative minded touch, so expecting extreme levels of creativity out of some people is not desirable, simple because it is not how their mind works. With that being said, offering up ways to think outside of the box is always beneficial.

Encourage Playtime 

This isn’t something that all business owners will go for, but the fact of the matter is, most individuals are able to think outside of the box and even come up with new ideas when they are not sitting at a desk, forced to crunch numbers or concentrate on a different task. Instead, when an employee is able to take a break, focus on something else or just have a bit of fun, it can drastically boost creativity levels. Some of the top Internet companies such as Google allow employees to take time off, which is exactly why the company has pool tables, physical slides, arcade games and just about everything else around the office. Yes, it is fun and attracts top talent, but it also helps improve creativity inside of the office as well. There is a means to all madness regarding why Google and top tech firms do this.

Group Activities 

Getting outside of the office and having a bit of fun is a must. With group activities in Singapore, all of this is possible. Individuals are able to explore the fun side of not only themselves but their co-workers. Whether it is catching a sporting event or maybe everyone enjoying a paint and wine class, group activities builds not only creativity in the office but it also brings everyone within the office closer together.

Cut Out Some of the Rules

Rules box in creativity. When forced to think a certain way or do a task a certain way, it is difficult to go out of the box as the manager and company owners are preventing the individuals from going out of the box. That is why it is important to cut out some of the rules or to not get too carried away with setting up rules. Yes, there are some rules necessary for completing a given task, but if a rule is not necessary, it should not be included. This should help spur on some creativity and allow companies the ability to thrive on what their employees do best.

Improve Office Decor 

If an office is boring or dull, it is not going to inspire creativity in its employees. Most creative people need to not only get out of the same location every single day in order to stay creative, but they need a more creative environment around them. From upgrading the decor and using fun colours around the office (ditch the motivational quote posters as those are not helping anyone), it is possible to help liven up creativity.

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