Running an office is a lot like being the captain of a ship. The direction that your business is going is up to your navigation and the morale of the people working in your office is going to be largely due to your leadership abilities. Low morale will lead to poor production, and significant employee turnover. There are a number of things that a good manager can do to improve the morale of the workers in the office and allow creativity and production to be at an all time high. Here are a few team building activities in Singapore or any other location to improve your office morale.
Let Employees Know that They Are Valued
One of the biggest hits to an office morale is that people are feeling the day to day grind without being appreciated for what they do. A great way to combat this is to offer some valuable team building or bonding activities. These are particularly effective when done after a stressful period. Hire a specialist to come in and run a team building game or two that will allow your workers to feel appreciated. It will also allow them to recharge their batteries, see their co-workers as part of the same team and most of all allow them to feel valuable to the process of accomplishing goals in your office.
Celebrate Your Employees Accomplishments
Nothing builds the moral in your office faster than being a responsive manager when something great has been accomplished by one of your employees. Allow them to choose an activity from one of the many that a professional team building facilitator will be able to provide. Each of your employees will take pride in being “in charge” for the day and you will get some unique bonding experiences between your employees. All people want to be recognized and told that their contributions are important. Low moral will result when they feel taken for granted or overlooked.
Grant Time Off To Group Winners
There can be nothing as bonding as rewarding a group for working together well to accomplish a goal. Having team building activities in Singapore that require small groups to work together and rewarding the winner with some valuable time off can be a great way for office workers to bond. Even the groups that don’t win are going to develop an understanding for the talents each person brings to the table. That knowledge will be taken back to the daily work and allow all employees to feel more valued and appreciated by their peers. Value is a feeling that allows the moral of the office to remain high, even when faced with stressful situations, like presentations and deadlines.

Building up the morale of your office will allow your company to accomplish more and have more enjoyment and satisfaction doing it. Incorporating team building and bonding activities on a regular basis will keep employees engaged, feeling valued and mentally at their best. A professional facilitator will provide guidance and a wide variety of games and activities that will allow your team to perform at their best.