According to recent surveys, obesity levels in Singapore have reached 11% of the adult population, an increase of 7% from results collected in 2004. Despite the generally low-fat and low-sugar diet that’s popular in the country, obesity is still on the rise mainly because of the sedentary lifestyle that most citizens enjoy. If you’re one of the few who has experienced unwanted weight gain in the past years, all is not lost. Getting fit is possible by sticking to these 5 fitness resolutions just in time for the New Year.1

  1. Get Gym Membership – When you pay for membership, you’ll feel more compelled to visit regularly, especially because it’s your own money you’ve spent for it. It’s very affordable to join a fitness centre in Singapore these days, which makes the practice accessible to a lot of people. Find a gym near you and sign up for membership at the start of the year to motivate yourself to exercise more frequently.2 2. Drink More Water – Sometimes, getting fit doesn’t need to be complicated. Simple practices like drinking water will help improve your fitness and cleanse your system for maximum health. This year, try to up your water consumption and set water drinking goals that exceed the regular 8 glasses a day. This will help you stay fuller for longer and will flush out toxins that may have accumulated in your body over time.3 3.                Allot a Budget – It can be tough to get fit if you don’t have the right stuff to help you achieve optimum wellness. Instead of trying to DIY everything with stuff you already have at home, really invest in your fitness. Buy a good pair of shoes that won’t make your feet feel sore at the end of a workout, get yourself some nice fitness clothes that will motivate you to hit the gym, and even buy yourself an activity tracker to help monitor just how active you are.4 4.     Sit Less – They say that sitting is the new smoking, and to some extent, that’s actually true. Sitting for too long for too much of the day will slow down your metabolism and cause the storage of fat. Schedule regular standing and walking intervals between long periods of sitting to avoid spending too long in your chair.5 5.  Start Writing – Having something to look back on when you feel down and out will help keep you motivated throughout the difficult challenge of losing weight and staying fit. To prevent squandering your effort by binging or skipping out on your exercise routine, keep a journal that you can read through to prove just how far you’ve come. It’ll keep you motivated and make you feel compelled to add to your fitness investments when you start to feel uninspired.

How many times in the past have you promised to get fit to no avail? This year, make those resolutions a reality by following this simple and easy list of New Year’s changes to adapt this 2017.