Let’s face it: men don’t talk about skin care as much as women. But let’s not also forget the fact that men can also develop serious skin-related problems. This kind of attitude sometimes leads to serious skin problems among men. Because they ignore it and rarely talk about it, they don’t realize it when they are already showing signs of wrinkles, acne, blackheads and whiteheads, and blemishes.


Grooming Products that Every Man Should Have

Women are known to use different sorts of beauty and skin care products every day. But men also need to have their own grooming products so that they look fresh and handsome at all times.

Skin care for men need not be tough. To keep it simple for you, here are some grooming products that you should have in order to take good care of your skin:

  • Facial cleanser. Facial cleansers will make sure that the pores in your skin are always oil-free. It can also get rid of dead skin cells by exfoliating, exposing a new layer of skin.
  • Shaving cream. If you have a beard, you will definitely need a good shaving cream that will make shaving easier and the skin smoother. This can either be creams in pressurized cans or in gel form.
  • Aftershave lotion. This can help you soothe your skin after shaving especially if you have just removed a very thick facial hair. Aftershave lotions also contain antiseptics, fragrance, and moisturizers, which keep your face fresh for a long time.
  • Skin moisturizer. This will help your skin maintain its moisture especially during hot days. Dry skin can make your look haggard and stressed. When shopping for a skin moisturizer, choose the one that contains Vitamins A, C, and E, and antioxidants. Stay away from moisturizers that contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which eliminates the natural oil present in the skin.
  • Sunblock. A good sunblock will help protect your skin against harmful ultraviolet rays. It can also prevent your skin from aging. This is perfect if you are going to spend some time at the beach or some place with direct exposure to sunlight.


How Men Can Take Good Care of Their Skin

Taking good care of our skin is not only a job for women. The best benefit that you can get from taking care of your skin is lowering your chances of getting skin infections such as impetigo, ecthyma, boils, ringworm, and many more.

Here’s how you can keep your skin healthy without spending a fortune:


  • Wash your face with cold water before going to sleep. Washing your face with cold water will help you close your pores. This essentially prevents too much oil from building inside our pores. It also removes dirt and other pollutants that have accumulated in your skin during day time.


  • Drink plenty of water. Water is the best moisturizer that your skin needs. Plus, it’s a natural moisturizer.


  • Quit smoking. Smoking does not only bring problems to your pulmonary health; it can also significantly damage your skin. If you want to have glowing and fresh skin at all times, throw away your cigarettes and stop smoking.


  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Foods that are rich with antioxidants have anti-aging properties as well. This can help prevent skin discoloration and blemishes, especially on your face.


As a man, taking care of your skin need not be complicated. Don’t wait until you are showing signs of unhealthy skin before you start working on your skin care regimen. Make use of the simple methods mentioned above as a start, and you can begin your journey with men’s skincare products here.