A large wooden table stands as the focal piece of your dining area.  Whether laden with food or simply cluttered with random condiment holders, its rustic charm and welcoming character should easily capture one’s interest.  Preserving its beauty and value is easy but must be done consistently.  Your dining table can outlive you if you give it the proper care it truly deserves.


Here are proven tips to keep your beloved wood dining tables from falling apart or becoming too shabby for its own good.

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  1. Keep the table clean and polished at all times. Always have a lightly dampened soft, lint-free cloth handy for wiping off dirt and grime from the surface and terry cloths for drying and buffing. Avoid commercial dust polish that may contain silicone, a chemical that will in time ruin the wood from the inside out.


  1. Watermark rings are every wood lover’s nightmare. Get rid of these irritating circles by rubbing the area with a dab of good old mayonnaise.


  1. Do not push the table against a wall if only to create space in your dining area. If the room cannot accommodate a large piece of furniture just yet, then get a table that is just the right size. Keeping the edges of the table stuck against a painted wall will only ruin both.  It simply is not worth it.


  1. If the table and dining chairs are slightly scratched, apply paste wax on the affected areas; a good paste wax’s finish may last for years. Deeper scratches would need wood fillers or colored filler wax sticks, both are available at your local hardware stores.


Remember that the table has two characters: as a dinner table and as a standalone room furnishing.  Maximize its aesthetic value when using it to serve food or entertain guests.  Do not throw a tablecloth over the surface; instead, use place mats, coasters, and chargers to catch spills and water stains.  In between meal hours, keep it functional and decorative by leaving a rustic candelabra, a fruit basket, or an antique cake stand as a centerpiece.


Follow these simple tips and your dining table will thank you years from now.  Pass it on to your children and grandchildren as a family heirloom so their feet would always be under your table.