People start preparing for the holidays right after Thanksgiving. Some start preparing even earlier. When the big day that everyone has been preparing for comes, it is over before you know it. After January 1st, it is time to start organizing and getting your home back to its usual condition. In order to get things organized and back in order quickly and easily, there are a few tips that you should follow.

Save the Cards

holiday cards

Most people display their holiday cards on their mantel or somewhere else in their home. After the holidays, you need to take them down. A good way to be prepared for next year’s holiday season, you should place all of your holiday cards in a zip lock bag. On the bag you can write the year that you received the cards. This will allow you to hold onto them as keepsakes forever, and you can look back at them next year to see who you need to send a holiday card to.

Take Down the TreeChristmas-Tree-Decorated

When you take your Christmas tree down, it is important that you do so carefully. The more careful you are, the easier it will be next year. When taking the ornaments off the tree, you should place them back in the individual boxes that they came in, rather than just throwing them in a big box. When you do this, you risk breaking the ornaments and losing hooks. When you take the lights and the garland down, be careful of how you put it away. The best way is to roll up a newspaper, and wrap the lights and garland around it. This will save a great deal of time next year, because you won’t need to untangle anything. Before you store your Christmas decorations for the year, take one last look around the entire house and make sure that you didn’t forget anything.


Kid’s Toys

After Christmas, you children will likely have many more toys than they had before the holiday. All of these extra toys can result in a great deal of clutter. After Christmas, the first thing that you should do is go through all of your children’s toys with them. Have them take any broken toys and throw them away. If they have any toys that they don’t play with anymore, you can donate them to a local charity or pass them down to younger relatives. If you don’t have any space in their toy box for their new toys, you can purchase storage cupboards or plastic storage boxes. If there isn’t any room in their bedrooms for storage containers, you can purchase long ones that roll under the bed. This will keep everything organized and out of sight.

storage cupboards


The holidays can be a very chaotic time. After the chaos is over on January 1st and life gets back to normal, you need to get your home back to normal as well. If you follow a few simple tips, it should make getting the home back to normal easier, and things will be more organized for the next holiday season.