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LASIK Eye Surgery: See The World Around In A Clearer And Much Better Vision

  LASIK is a surgical procedure that employs a laser to treat farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. It’s a very popular refractive surgery exercised in Singapore. Patients love this eye treatment for its impressive results in correcting vision. Some patients experience… Continue Reading →

5 Must-Try Pilates Classes in Singapore

  Fitness and health are growing in popularity in the bustling city of Singapore with more and more locals and expats joining fitness centers and switching to healthier diets. Pilates is one of the workouts growing with the trend with… Continue Reading →

A Shopper’s Guide: 3 Main Reasons Supermarket Shampoos May Be Bad For Your Hair

Deciding which hair products to use sometimes can be a daunting task and a tricky affair at the same time. One isn’t sure on whether to go for supermarket shampoos and conditioners or to use the stocked ranges displayed in… Continue Reading →

Advice for People Who Hate Going To The Dentists

Dental anxiety, or dental phobia, is a real thing among Singaporeans and shouldn’t be taken lightly. In a survey conducted by a medical institution, a percentage of Singaporean children aged 10 to 14 were reported to have a high anxiety… Continue Reading →

Make Wedding Memories Last Forever: 3 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Every guy or girl dreams of a perfect wedding day, and it is a requisite for soon-to-be married couples to plan ahead of time and make room for every detail as possible. From the church to the wedding gown to… Continue Reading →

KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR EYE – 4 Essential Infos About Lasik Surgery

The world is a blur. For people who see the world in a haze, it definitely is. Your 20/20 normal vision is gradually fading when you feel sudden changes in seeing things and having difficulty focusing. Straightaway you think of… Continue Reading →

6 Common Causes of Hair Loss Among Elderly Women (And How to Stop It)

Singapore is experiencing rapid population growth, with some 5.5 million citizens. Among them are some 440,000 men and women age 65 and older. That number is expected to more than double to some 900,000 by 2030. If you are among… Continue Reading →

A Quick Guide In Finding A Condo For Rent In Punggol, Singapore

If you are looking for a condo for rent in Punggol, you have to understand first that Punggol is a planning area, as well as an attractive residential town. With that said, there’s the possibility that the valuation for properties in… Continue Reading →

5 Important Tips to Help You Start Your Business in Singapore

  Singapore is undeniably one of the most successful Asian nations today. This could be attributed to many factors such as the country’s business etiquette and excellent attitude from the leaders towards business growths. The economic success of the country… Continue Reading →

5 Powerful Ways On Restoring The Natural Thickness Of Your Hair

If you notice losing a lot more hair than what’s considered natural, there’s a chance that you are experiencing excessive hair fall. This could be due to a variety of reasons like bad genetic, makeup, physical stress, disease, hormones, emotional… Continue Reading →

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