There are several reasons why businesses premises keep their offices secure, and this includes employee safety, equipment safety, and documents safety. No business entity would like a scenario when their security protocol is breached, and sensitive business information leaked to competitors or even the general public. Such a catastrophe is likely to dent a brands image.

Most importantly, nobody would like to be responsible for any form of violence that could have been easily avoided by simply monitoring and controlling people inside a building.

security badgeOne of the key steps that can be implemented to keep unauthorized individuals at bay inside a business premises is to deploy an automated access system. Such technologies have emerged as the main security staple in office blocks around the country due to various reasons rather than just for safety purposes. Even though the primary purpose of a unified security is to facilitate access only to designated visitors. Access control systems provide supplementary benefits that may not be obvious during the onset of the system’s installation. This may include monitoring the time employees report to work and leave their offices. This particular feature is beneficial to the human resource department because it can be used to generate the enterprise payroll.

Other benefits of deploying an access control system in an organization include;
Due to the multi-layered security approach, an intruder is likely to face multiple obstacles to traverse the available security protocol before a breach becomes a reality.

For instance, in a normal home scenario, a thief is only required to simple break into the door before he gains access to the house. This is considered a single layer of security. If we go an additional step further, and add a fence, the thief is faced with two layers of security. breakin

This same analogy applies to an office environment. The more sophisticated an office control technology is deployed, the tougher it becomes for intruders to gain access. Since modern access control technology incorporate multi-factor authentication such as bio-metric scans in combination with passwords, the situation becomes more challenging for any intruder because it is nearly impossible to duplicate a multi-factor authentication mechanism.

In instances when an employee leaves an organization, and they still possesses their access identification card, proactive certificate checks courtesy of public key infrastructure (PKI) can be incorporated to identify if the employee is a security risk or not.

A complete office access system comprises of; ACS Kit
• Card reader
• Access card with a photo ID recognition
• Turnstile reader
• Video analytics interface
• Office intercom system

When shopping for office automated access solutions it is advisable to go for products that can handle a building current business needs and also unified security systems that are capable of scaling and at the same time adapting to future demands.

It is advisable to go for systems with security features such as card management options. Another feature to look out for is monitoring and video surveillance tools.

Employee monitoring feature is also an excellent feature to consider when searching for unified access solutions because it makes it possible to track employee activities by viewing the sections and departments that they are visiting and spending their time most, or whether the employees are trying to access unauthorized areas.

In addition, it is also in line with security industry best practice to periodically produce customized reports regarding an office security details and unified access systems are the best products for such a job.