TEvery guy or girl dreams of a perfect wedding day, and it is a requisite for soon-to-be married couples to plan ahead of time and make room for every detail as possible. From the church to the wedding gown to the photo and videographer, finding the best supplier is always the key to staging that once-in-a-lifetime dream wedding.

When choosing the photo and video company for your big day,  here are three things you need to ask them:1

  1. Outdoor or indoor? “Before the wedding” pictures or what is popularly known as the “pre-nup pictorial” are now trending, and most couples even go beyond the usual by having their own pre-nup video and “Save the Date” productions. One thing that you’ll have to settle with your photographer is of course, the proposed location of your photo shoot. There are a lot of “concept” studios which offer practical and convenient settings for your pictorial, and if you are practical enough, you can go for an indoor wedding photoshoot in Singapore. However, most couples adopt a certain theme with the help of a stylist as well, and go for outdoor locations such as beaches, city scapes, and other interesting places which may have a sentimental part in their love story.2
  2. Schedule of photo shoots When you have chosen your photo and videography supplier, one thing that you’all also have to clear out with them is the schedule of your photo engagements. This is one of the most important things that couples must keep in mind and organize with the help of a wedding planner. The good thing is organizing the schedule properly, having your pictorials not too early or not too late before the wedding day itself.3
  3. Price Lastly, (and the most important thing actually) you have to ask in a professional manner the price of their services to see if your budget matches the package that you want to avail. The good thing is, many of these photo and video suppliers have various wedding packages that you can choose from, and which services you want to avail.

Weddings are indeed one of the most anticipated events in one’s life, and being able to capture all the priceless moments of this extra special day through a photographer is a top-of-the-list priority of a soon-to-be bride and groom.