Has the appeal of retail shopping waned? In the U.S., established retail giants like J. C. Penney, Macy’s, and Nordstrom are downsizing and closing more stores. The retail industry has been experiencing a steep decline in sales. The obvious reason is the increasing preference of shoppers for online shopping.

In Singapore, the same shift in shopper dynamics is eating up on the previously dominant shopping haven in Orchard Road. As early as 2015, a Nielsen report* disclosed the predicament of retail stores to counter the stiff competition of online shopping as well as the smaller suburban malls.


The Online Shopping Trends in Singapore

In the same published report, 41% of Singaporeans spend and enjoy time browsing online for product information. The online retail channels are often filled with verified customer purchases and reliable product feedbacks. That is one of the principal reasons why online shopping is so convenient.

Because Singaporeans are known to be tech-savvy, almost all purchases are happening online. Grocery food items, travel, fashion, and personal care products are among the favorite activities. Online shops have captured a client base, mostly loyal customers, which would guarantee consistent sales.


A Developing Trend

Another developing trend that is worth watching is in the category of home improvement. If you are into the interior and home furnishings, shopping for furniture online in Singapore is currently in an uptrend. Today, you do not need to be physically present in store to shop around for furniture, home decors and other stuff for your home or apartment.

Strictly speaking, shopping for furniture, home decors and other fixtures should be done at the furniture store. However, even furniture shopping in Singapore has evolved into something more convenient. The top furniture retailers have reacted to the changing shopping dynamics and brought their showrooms for viewing on your computer screens.

Remember there is always that risk when you shop online. Since you have not personally seen nor touched the product, the defects won’t show or are likely to be invisible in pictures. One way to avoid buying inferior furniture is to check the reputation of the online stores. Apart from the wide selection of product listings, it would be to your benefit to check the number of registered customer users of every store. That would at least indicate their reliability and dependability. Enjoy your online furniture shopping but be always mindful of dealing only with the credible e-commerce platforms.

Reference: http://www.nielsen.com/sg/en/press-room/2015/shift-in-shopper-dynamics-provides-new-opportunities.html