Lasik surgery is an amazing option for anyone that has any type of problem with their vision, such as being near or far sighted. If you don’t know what Lasik eye surgery is, it is where an eye doctor takes either a laser, or in some cases, even a knife, and makes an incision into the eye to rectify the problem. This type of surgery is incredibly safe, as there is a very low percentage that anything can go wrong in this type of surgery. In fact, Lasik eye surgery is considered one of the safest surgeries that are out there. However, there is no such thing as a surgery that is full proof, with no risk of something going wrong. In every single type of surgery, there could be a mistake, so when you are talking about surgery on the eyes, this is something that you really are going to have to think about.

Lasik Risks 
While the risks are very low, there are a bunch of cases where people have lost vision in their eyes after surgery. If something is cut wrong, or if you happen to visit an office that does not have a good reputation, or does not have a qualified doctor, this could end up happening to you. At the same time, if you visit an eye clinic with a doctor that has done ten thousand of these operations and has one or two botched surgeries, there still is a chance that you can be that one or two out of ten thousand. The point is, there is an extremely low risk when it comes to visiting an eye clinic for Lasik surgery, but something can go wrong. You may lose some vision and be worse off than you were. You could lose complete vision in one eye, or in some cases, you may become permanently blind. There are a handful of rare cases out there where a person has become permanently blind, but the chances of this happening are in the ball park of a handful out of a million.

Risk vs Reward 
Some people end up having dry eyes and eyes that are simply uncomfortable after they get Lasik surgery. It is important to also realize that there may be a little discomfort or light sensitivity after you do get surgery, but this is something that fades over time. You can think about it as your eyes have gotten a cut and need to heal, similar to if you got a cut on your arm or any other part of your body. The great thing is, most people can return to work the next day and get on with day to day life immediately after surgery, as the procedure really is not very invasive. The important thing to realize before going in and getting Lasik surgery is the fact that you are dealing with putting a laser in your eye, so even though the risks might be small, you still are putting yourself out there and need to understand the possible outcomes.