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Through the years, Valentine’s has become more and more of an occasion worth preparing for, riding alongside Christmas and New Year’s Day as one of three of the most anticipated events of the year. Preparations for Valentine’s Day however, are much less geared towards food and presents, and are much more focused on going the extra mile for your special someone. Aside from the flowers, the love letters, and the romantic dinner date plans however, putting in a little extra effort to look good for your love is another practice that makes V-Day all the more romantic. That’s why skincare takes the front seat months before the day for lovers come rolling around the corner. If you’re wondering what you can do to up the ante and make your skin shine brighter than ever before in time for V-Day, this list of 6 effective tips should put you on the right track.

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  1. Get a Professional Facial – What many don’t realize is that lots of different blemishes hide right underneath the skin, which makes a dull, unhealthy, and uneven appearance across the face. To get rid of deep-seated dirt and blemishes, schedule yourself for a professional facial. This will give you a well-needed treatment that’s sure to get rid of any accumulated dirt, filth, and oil that you might not be able to remove on your own.
  2. Use a DIY Mask – Do a little research and it’s easy to find numerous DIY mask recipes that serve a plethora of different purposes. Determine your specific skin problem and find a mask recipe that’s right for you. Among the most popular DIY face mask formulations use egg whites, honey, and lime which are said to help clear out blemishes and bring out a natural healthy glow just overnight.Image result for Apply Under Eye Cream
  3. Apply Under Eye Cream – All of those sleepless nights and work stress might be leaving a noticeable mark on your face in the form of dark circles, so be sure to slather on an eye cream for dark circles right before you go to bed. Applying under eye cream before sleeping will help speed up the repair process and will make you look fresh, healthy, and well-rested in time for the morning.
  4. Take Skin Supplements – Nourishing your skin from within will help improve your glow and make you look healthier all together. Taking a supplement for your skin that incorporates Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K will help keep your skin healthy, strong, and vibrant. So be sure to include them in your diet at least a month before V-Day to help maximize the benefits.
  5. Stay Hydrated – The amount of water you put into your system will do a lot more for your skin than you think. When you drink ample amounts of water in a day, you can make it easier for your body to get rid of toxins and harmful elements that could be taking a toll on the appearance of your skin. Try to go above and beyond the 8 glasses-a-day quota, and keep a bottle of cold water with you at all times to help wash away toxins and keep your skin hydrated from within.
  6. Avoid the Wrong Food – Did you know that certain foods can negatively affect your skin? Chocolates, for example, have been proven to help with the development of blemishes, pimples, and even acne. Avoid taking in too many sweets before the big day, and instead opt for dark chocolate alternatives that have less sugary components to avoid damage to your skin.

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Make sure your skin glows to perfection on the big day for lovers so you can turn heads and find true love for keeps this Valentine’s Day by remembering these 6 helpful tips.