For a workplace to be a successful, strong relationship between the employees and the employer as well as staff and the management should be built. It may be a challenging goal to accomplish, given the diverse nature of workplaces. Camaraderie begins from the first day an employee starts a new job. Here are some ideas on how a person can boost office morale:

Group of businesspeople celebrating fottball

Group of businesspeople celebrating fottball

  1. Have Fun on the job: People who are happy doing their job tend to work harder and show higher commitment with their job and employers. Use games like promos and prizes to stimulate workers to do their task and improve their social relationship with others. If the employee reached his/her goal/quota, the employer should give a reward. In that way the employee will persevere more to continue what he/she is doing because receiving promos and prizes makes an employee happy with the job he/she has.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAkFAAAAJGQxZTgxZGI1LTA5ZmMtNDUxNi04NDcyLWFiNGE0MzQzMzEyYQ


  1. Welcome Newcomers with Greetings: Assign a committee (medium/large scale) or a person (small-scale) to welcome all the newcomers in the office. Give them a tour in the company and introduce them to the other employees of the company. As employees get to know each other, a good relationship can arise.



  1. Encourage Friendship: People who make close friends at work are happier with their job than those people who do not have many friends in the workplace. Having friends at work will make the day bright even if there are lots of things to do. Share breaks and lunch periods with friends to deepen the relationship.430_3314235-807x575


  1. Allow Employees to Participate in the Decision – Making: To have a happy workplace it’s not only the employers who should make the decisions, employees should also be consulted in making decisions for the company especially if the change will a major one.



  1. Have Team building Activities: To maintain a good working relationship it’s advisable to devote some time for team building. It will develop closeness at each other and will enhance a person’s skills. Here are some team building activities Singapore you may like to try:


  • Play Sherlock Holmes at Singapore Escape Hunt
  • Swing like Tarzan at Forest Adventure
  • Get your Nigella on at Plate Sensations
  • Explore the hidden Gem at Bollywood Veggies
  • Show off your Rambo Skills at Red Dynasty Paintball park
  • Jam like Bob Marley at Team Music
  • Tour de France at Palau Ubin
  • Channel the Yankees at Homerun Baseball
  • Fence at Z Fencing
  • Art Jam at Singapore


We hope that this article will be helpful to those who feel that they are having low morale in workplace. Follow these simple tips to have a happy working relationship with others.