It’s impossible to eat healthily when you’ve been using ingredients that are less than healthy. Achieving better health and wellness often starts in the kitchen and in the foods we eat. If you want to switch to a healthy diet and lifestyle, check out the top 10 ingredient alternatives that will help in making you and your family healthy.

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  1. Low-sodium soy sauce. Switch from a standard soy sauce to a low-sodium version. While the taste is practically the same, the reduced sodium won’t contribute to health issues.Image result for Garlic powder
  2. Garlic powder. Instead of salt, you can use garlic powder to add a strong flavor to your dish without the added sodium. However, don’t get confused between a garlic salt and garlic powder as they’re two different ingredients.Image result for Sliced tomatoes
  3. Sliced tomatoes. Ditch processed tomato sauces and opt for sliced tomatoes. While the texture may be different, you get to avoid the added preservatives, sugar, and sodium.Image result for Coconut milk
  4. Coconut milk. Instead of using heavy cream for cooking, opt for coconut milk. You get to keep your waistline intact with this non-sweetened alternative!Image result for Sunflower oil
  5. Sunflower oil. A lot of cooks flock to sunflower oil instead of the typical cooking oil these days due to the former’s various benefits for the skin and the fact that it serves as an amazing antioxidant in the body. You can buy sunflower oil online in Singapore for cooking and baking purposes.Image result for Chinese 5-spice powder
  6. Chinese 5-spice powder. By switching to the Chinese 5-spice powder instead of using plum, oyster or hoisin sauce, you’ll get to save more in addition to being healthier. While the powder may not give you the same flavor as the sauces, it has a rich taste of its own that will add flavor to your dishes in a healthier way.Image result for Applesauce
  7. Applesauce. Cut down on calories and saturated fat. Instead of using sugar, butter or oil in your cooking, opt for applesauce. The added benefits of the apple fibers in the applesauce make it a healthier choice.Image result for Whole-wheat flour.
  8. Whole-wheat flour. The all-purpose white flour generally lacks nutrients and contains gluten and highly refined carbs. Switch to whole-wheat flour.Image result for Mashed bananas
  9. Mashed bananas. Skip fats, butter, and sugar and opt for mashed bananas for some sweetness in your cooking or baking. Your digestive system will thank you.Image result for Pureed fruit
  10. Pureed fruit. Avoid canned fruits high in sugar and preservatives, and switch to natural pureed fruit.

Switching to a healthier alternative may take some time getting used to, as you’ll need to adjust to the different taste and texture. You may not even like the healthier alternative and prefer the original ingredient. However, the benefits of switching to healthier alternatives far outweigh cooking using unhealthy ingredients in the long run.