According to The Straits Times, obesity is alarmingly on the rise among Singaporeans below the age of 40. People aged between 24 to 35 are expected to become diabetic once they reach the age of 65. Obesity occurs when you’ve accumulated too much body fat. Indeed, you’re considered obese when you weigh 20% more than the ideal weight for your height ( the Body Mass Index calculation). If you’ve been leading a sedentary lifestyle, now is the right time to get healthy. Start by getting rid of your belly fat with these six easy steps on how to burn belly fat:

  1. Get physically activeget-physically-active-can-helps-you-burn-belly-fat

One of the fastest ways to burn and control belly fat is to do vigorous exercise routines that could trim all your fat. Some of the most effective exercises include 30 minutes of cardio workout on a daily basis, jogging, or even walking. A 30-minute of medium- or high-impact cardio routine a day can help you control or burn your belly fat.

  1. Have nutritious diethave-nutritious-diet-and-it-helps-to-burn-belly-fat

For better and faster metabolism, you need to watch what you eat. Try to be on a nutritious diet and load up on protein, magnesium, and iron. Eat more fish, dairy products, and never skip breakfast. Avoid alcohol and smoking if you can. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

  1. Get enough rest and sleepget-enough-rest-and-sleep-and-burn-your-belly-fat

A study found that those who got six to seven hours of sleep tend to gain less fat than those who lack sleep (five hours or less). Also, sleeping less than the recommended hours for adults could slow down your metabolism, which makes it easier for you to accumulate belly fat.

  1. Manage your stressCalm no matter what

Stress management is important to ensure a healthy, balanced life. Some of the ways to manage your stress include seeing a counselor or confiding in someone you trust, as well as meditating.

  1. Carry your babycarrying-baby-indirectly-burn-your-belly-fat

For those with an infant, take your baby out using a baby carrier instead of pushing him or her in the stroller. The weight of your baby could add strength to your upper body and stretches your lower body muscles, helping you to burn at least a few calories. For faster results, try to do this on a daily basis for at least 20 minutes a day.

  1. Be constantly in motionexercise-at-your-desk-while-working-can-burn-belly-fat

If you work for hours on end sitting at your desk, you can pace around, stretch, cross or uncross your legs to burn calories. You can also take a break at work and do simple desk workouts.

In the same report, obesity is also on the rise among Singaporean school children and young working adults. If you’re a working professional in your 20s, you need to make dramatic lifestyle changes now, or you’ll end up being the nation’s statistics. Those who are bordering on becoming overweight or obese will face greater health problems like heart-related diseases. As a rule of thumb, the healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) range in Singapore is between 18.5-22.9, while WHO considers the healthy range to be between 18.5-24.9 worldwide.