Exercising in a group may sound somewhat intimidating. There are so many ‘what-if’ questions to answer. What if I get laughed at for making a mistake? What if there’s someone better than me? What if I get told off in front of the group?

The thing about group exercising is, it’s not even half as scary as many people paint it to be. In fact, an overwhelming majority of those who join group exercises say that they feel encouraged by the rest of their group members. That’s why more and more people now try the following group exercises:

  1. Zumba – Zumba is an energetic exercise routine that fuses various Latin American dances with international dance steps into one fun and active routine. It’s really easy to do and is designed to be not stressful. Zumba is meant to make you happy and relieve stress, and is usually accompanied by fast rhythms.Zumba is an energetic exercise in a group like Pilates
  2. Yoga – Yoga can look deceptively easy. However, once you start stretching, you’ll realize that it’s a legitimate workout where you burn calories and build stamina. Yoga is also very relaxing and is great for those who prefer a slower workout pace. There are several types of yoga classes available, from those with meditation to help calm the mind, to those that strictly focus on slimming or overall fitness.
  3. Pilates – Pilates is a gentle type of exercise that is low impact and great for beginners, as well as those that can’t follow more vigorous activity for one reason or another. It builds up flexibility and muscular strength through a series of movements that emphasize endurance and postural alignment. Balance is the key word in Pilates, and most of the movements are done while lying on your back. There are many Pilates classes in Singapore, so don’t hesitate in trying them out.Pilates is a gentle type of exercise that is great for beginners and there are many pilates classes in SG
  4. Piloxing – This new and fresh type of exercise combines the standing Pilates principles with boxing moves in a routine that promotes both physical and mental balance. It also builds muscle strength and combines graceful movements with powerful punches, which gives your muscles what it needs to build up.
  5. Physioball – Large air-filled balls are employed in this exercise that provides a soft movable surface for your body to build strength and stability. It was first designed for physiotherapy but has now become mainstream due to its ability to build muscle stamina and enhance normal workout moves.Physioball provides a soft movable surface for your body to build strength and stability after Pilates exercise

Working out in a group is beneficial, as it allows you to be encouraged by other people. You’ll soon discover that people are friendly and welcoming, but more importantly, they’re just like you who have the same objectives and enthusiasm for overall fitness.