If you are headed to Paris, then be ready to spend some time to explore this gastronomic capital of Europe. You may have heard about the famous Parisian cafés, high-end bistros and Michelin starred restaurants. However, the true culinary scene of Paris can be best explored with a visit to some rustic local restaurants, quaint coffee shops, chocolate factories and eateries featuring a farm-to-table menu. Plus, this French capital is home to many ambitious chefs who love to create wonders with an experimental approach and with sophisticated cooking skills. Whether you love to enjoy some authentic French food or want to sample some innovative hors d’oeuvres, Paris offers an amazing culinary scene for all foodies to find exactly what they need. 

Creative coffee:

Coffee and Paris Two loves in spite of some negative things happening to me many, many, moons ago.: Surprisingly, this non-Italian European city is home to many creative coffee shops where baristas whip up sinfully tasty caffeine drinks. Stop by a local café that specializes in coffee and coffee based drinks made from fresh coffee beans. Some of the best things on a café menu include cappuccinos, espressos, and cool coffee drinks. If you are here just for a weekend, find some time from your busy Saturday morning for some cupping sessions at a locally owned coffee shop.

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For some authentic French cuisine, head to a local restaurant owned and operated by a native chef. Many of the trendy Parisian restaurants serve many classic and traditional dishes and a range of new dishes. You will be surprised to see the diversity of French cuisine and its fusion with many culinary and cooking styles. As we all know, the French food is known for its subtlety and emphasis on local produce. While a restaurant tour will give you an insight to the innovative French cuisine, dining at a local eatery will give you a true insight to authentic farm-to-table meal. You can eat anything from a fresh green salad to tapas and exquisite meals featuring tasty meat, scrumptious sauces and delicious dressings.

Private gourmet market tour:

Take a guided market tour with a gourmet expert in Paris. Local food experts strongly recommend a quintessential gourmet food market tour to understand the true food culture in this fashion capital. You will encounter numerous shops selling handmade crepes, chocolates, foie gras and Boulanger dishes. Private tours can be arranged from your hotel or vacation rentals in Paris based on your need and interest. You can opt for an hour-long or a half day tour with a pickup from your vacation home rental depending on your choice. Also, stop by the stalls that sell locally grown fruits, vegetables and other fresh produce in a vibrant community market setting.

Cheese, chocolate and wine tasting:

A number of local cheese makers also offer cheese and wine sampling tours at their cheese shops in Paris. Many family-run businesses in this city have cheese shops and award-winning bakeries that sell cheese and wood-oven-baked breads and other baked delights. Guides can help you understand the local culinary culture and the influence of local ingredients in a typical Parisian meal. End your culinary journey with a sweet note by sampling some finest Parisian chocolates. Learn how the chocolates were made while you indulge in some guiltiest pleasures.