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Dental braces, widely known as orthodontic cases or just cases, are tools used in orthodontics dental care to align and straighten teeth. The entire process involves repositioning of teeth to a desirable state, while also works to streamline dental health.

Many patients around Singapore choose dental braces to correct crooked teeth, malocclusions, a wide range of bites and treat various dental health complications. Moreover, braces can either be structural or cosmetic and are usually used together with other orthodontic materials to widen the jaws or palate. Nevertheless, these appliances should help in shaping and straightening both the teeth and jaw, giving you neatly lined-up teeth and a perfect smile of your dreams.

How Dental Braces Work

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The whole application of orthodontic cases works together to assimilate movement of teeth by applying precise forces for them to straighten. Four basic elements are usually in motion bonding material, brackets, ligature elastic, and arch wire. Teeth commence movement when the arch wire puts weight on both the teeth and brackets.

Sometimes, rubber bands or springs are used to steer pressure in a particular direction. Over time, the constant force experienced helps place the teeth into their proper positions. A new bone also grows within to further hold the teeth together in their new location.

Also worth knowing, the weight applied and teeth movement should be rendered slowly; otherwise a patient would risk losing all their teeth. This is the main reason braces are worn for about a year or more, and why minor changes are made every few weeks. Also, orthodontic appliances vary in efficiency, which kind of explains the different response a patient may experience from a particular orthodontic treatment.

Why Dental Braces are highly recommended in Straightening Teeth

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Although orthodontics is the best way to treat crowded teeth, other cosmetic techniques can be used if the issue isn’t that serious. Orthodontics treatment should be employed when dealing with extreme cases of misalignment. The technique may also be efficient when a patient’s goal is to keep their teeth looking natural and well-aligned. Many times, teeth aligned with braces forge a better bite pattern essential to help patients in chewing foods and protect their teeth from acute wear.

Orthodontics treatment also comes in handy where a patient’s teeth are very close or crooked together that it’s difficult to clean them. If immediate care isn’t provided, these patients would be at a higher risk of getting gum diseases and cavities. So, orthodontics ensures these patients’ teeth are correctly repositioned together to acquire optimum health.

To Conclude

Patients have numerous reasons for choosing braces to fix their teeth. Some find it cost-effective to get braces, while others consider the added benefit of brightening up their smile. In other words, more and more patients around Singapore become conscious every day about the advantages of a healthy jaw and straight teeth.

When finding orthodontics in Singapore, make sure the person is competent in their field.  Every dental specialist should at least have finished a post-doctoral education course from a recognized university around their area. So if you’ve any doubts on whether a person is highly qualified, go through their file to see whether they’ve done the latter course.

Also, check the procedures they may have successfully performed in the past and the reviews they got from such patients after treatment. More details about dental braces, go through this handy guide to know why choosing orthodontics is the best option for straightening teeth. With dental braces, you also get a much attractive look and a beautiful smile that’s sure to grab everyone’s attention around you!