Unless you’re a panda or a raccoon, having dark circles under your eyes doesn’t add to your cuteness. In fact, dark circles can make you look tired and older, and no one wants that. Dark circles show up for many reasons and can take a while to go away if you don’t know how to treat them. No matter why you have dark, tired eyes, you can banish them for good with the right plan.


What Causes Dark Circles in the First Place?


Before you know how to treat dark circles, you should know how they form in order to prevent them later on. A dark appearance under your eyes may develop for different reasons, including:



  • Age


  • Stress


  • Lack of sleep


  • Dehydration


  • Alcohol and smoking


  • Allergies



Another cause, and one that is rarely discussed, is your sleeping behaviour. Sleeping on your stomach with your face buried in the pillow can also lead to dark circles under your eyes. In addition, sleeping with your makeup on may also make your eyes look more tired as you age.


Banishing Dark, Tired Eyes for Good


You don’t need a miracle to eliminate dark circles from under your eyes. With a few changes in habit and becoming more aware, you’ll fight the look of dark circles and restore the vibrancy around your eyes.


  1. Rethink your habits.


If you drink, do it moderately, but quit smoking altogether. Smoking ages your skin and causes a darker appearance under your eyes.


  1. Drink more water.


Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Without adequate water, your cells will shrink and make the blood vessels under your eyes more prominent. Staying hydrated not only reduces dark circles but also makes your skin supple.


  1. Stop stressing.


Stress can cause everything from gray hair and dark circles to heart disease. It also affects how much you sleep each night. Reducing your stress through yoga, meditation or massages and getting enough sleep will help prevent dark circles under your eyes.


  1. Maintain good skin health.


Using an eye cream for dark circles can help get rid of tired-looking eyes. Eye creams with vitamin K and retinol may help reduce puffiness and discoloration and restore your eye’s brightness and vibrancy.


Say Goodbye to Dark Circles


Whether it’s from late-night partying or added stress, dark circles can form for many reasons. Fortunately, you can fight stubborn circles and get back your radiance by dropping your smoking habits, using an eye cream and generally improving your daily lifestyle. The more you take care of your skin, the less you’ll have to worry about dark, tired eyes as you age.

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