A well decorated room is mostly about the careful use of a handful of factors: visual appeal, functionality and the use of light in the space. A well designed room will typically be one in which all elements of the room work together to create a room that is harmonious, appealing to the eye and allows you to accomplish all of your goals in the space. A well designed room will also be one in which you feel comfortable the second you walk in. Many elements go into creating such a room.


An Entire Plan

Before starting to decorate, it is very helpful to think about the entire room as a coherent whole space. This includes all corners of the room. It should also include all aspects of the room such as windows and the door leading into the space. In any given room, there should be certain things. This includes furniture, storage space such as storage cupboards and a place to sit. The entire space will need to be decorated to create a functional and inviting room.



The Use of Furniture

The use of furniture is also another important element in the room. All furniture choices should be thought about beforehand. For example, if the room is large, it is often very easy to help scale it down with the use of an L shaped sofa to create smaller seating areas and make the entire space conducive to private conversation. A smaller space can also be opened up by keeping furniture to a minimum and choosing lighter coloured wood and other lighter elements such as metal that reflect light inside the space.



Wood and Other Natural Materials

Decorating that is pleasing visually is often decorating that is pleasing to the other senses as well. Materials such as wood that are natural and have a patina can make ideal decorating materials. Wood furniture helps add in elements of the natural world and create the feeling of stepping inside a space that is in tune with the rest of the natural world. Wood is also useful in helping to create a space that has texture. Texture is an important element in any room design. The natural grain of the wood brings in a sense of movement that may avoid the feel of a static space and create spaces that look great even twenty years from now.



Local Weather Conditions

Another important factor when considering room design are local conditions. Furniture in SG will often need to stand up to hot local weather. This is why many decorators like wood. Wood can help bring a welcome sense of coolness when it is very hot outside. Wood can also add warmth to a space in a colder climate. Climate should be taken into account when decorating as windows in a space may not be opened for much of the year because it is too hot or too cold. Keeping items such as wood furniture in the space can help compensate for this lack.