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Fitness Singapore: 5 Types of Group Exercises You’ll Want to Try

Exercising in a group may sound somewhat intimidating. There are so many ‘what-if’ questions to answer. What if I get laughed at for making a mistake? What if there’s someone better than me? What if I get told off in… Continue Reading →

Starting the Journey to Fitness – 5 Resolutions to Make for Your Health This 2017

According to recent surveys, obesity levels in Singapore have reached 11% of the adult population, an increase of 7% from results collected in 2004. Despite the generally low-fat and low-sugar diet that’s popular in the country, obesity is still on… Continue Reading →

7 Basic Tips on How to Relax and Exercise with Pilates

  To feel relaxed and be amazingly fit at the same time may sound unimaginable today when everyone is always in a hurry and tired to make some exercise. Despite the demands of the modern world, people are still trying… Continue Reading →

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