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A Quick Guide In Finding A Condo For Rent In Punggol, Singapore

If you are looking for a condo for rent in Punggol, you have to understand first that Punggol is a planning area, as well as an attractive residential town. With that said, there’s the possibility that the valuation for properties in… Continue Reading →

Real Estate Realities – 5 Biggest Property Pitfalls to Avoid at All Costs

Dubbed “the world’s most expensive city”, Singapore enjoys a lofty seat in terms of economic performance and stability. Since declaring its independence, the island nation has thrived in virtually all possible aspects. Among the most aggressively profitable industries in the… Continue Reading →

5 Easy First-timer’s Guide to Buying a Property in Singapore

Finding a suitable property in Singapore these days is not easy. There are numerous factors to consider before you can successfully have one. One factor that you need to remember is the Singaporean government’s policy known as the Property Market… Continue Reading →

Selling your Property? Check out these five tips!

Selling a property is usually a very tricky process, even without Singapore’s challenged economy and real estate outlook. Thankfully, there are some concrete steps that can be followed in ensuring a successful property deal. Check out the following tips: Pricing…. Continue Reading →

How To Buy Singapore Property For Investment

Owning property in Singapore can be an excellent investment, but it is important to make sure you make wise decisions when it comes to Singapore property purchases. There are many different neighborhoods in the city-state, and it is important to make sure you invest… Continue Reading →

Key Factors For Looking at Singapore Property – What Most Courses Don’t Teach You

Demand for Singapore properties are booming as the country’s economic future looks rosier than ever. As an investor, however, it’s prudent to know all the key factors affecting future valuation of these properties before diving into the market head first…. Continue Reading →

How to Spot the Perfect Singapore Property Investment

Singapore is known for its outstanding business policies that aim to safeguard both invention and innovation, which ultimately leads to expansion of business opportunities and job employment in the region. As a savvy investor, Singapore’s property market comes as a… Continue Reading →

Know the Regulations Regarding HDB Rentals

Flat sharing With Other Expats To take part in an HDB rental flat, you have to be a Singapore resident or a non-citizen who holds an employment pass. Tourists to the country are not allowed to rent an HDB flat. While… Continue Reading →

Finding Room Rentals in Singapore Made Easy

As an expat, it can be intimidating to rent a room for the night or for the weekend in the bustling city of Singapore. There’s just too many rental choices, an unnerving language barrier, and perhaps even a tight budget… Continue Reading →

Buy Property in Singapore and Enjoy the Unparalled Capital Gains

BUYING PROPERTY IN SINGAPORE Whenever foreigners move to Singapore, they recognize that the prices of rental housing are extremely high. The immigrants opt to purchase the property, only to be stunned by the steep cost of real estate in Singapore…. Continue Reading →

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