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The Latest Furniture Designs Online: A New Trend In Singapore

Has the appeal of retail shopping waned? In the U.S., established retail giants like J. C. Penney, Macy’s, and Nordstrom are downsizing and closing more stores. The retail industry has been experiencing a steep decline in sales. The obvious reason… Continue Reading →

Simple Authentic Seri Kaya Spread Recipe For Breakfast or Dessert

Kaya spread, or ‘Jem Seri Kaya’ in Malay, is a popular coconut jam throughout Southeast Asia, particularly in Singapore and Malaysia, and made entirely from pandan leaf (screwpine leaf), sugar, coconut milk and eggs. The jam originated from Hainanese cooks… Continue Reading →

Best Shopping Practices: Shopping for Grocery Staples

Shopping for grocery staples and organizing your grocery list can be an undertaking. Shopping unwisely and in haste can cause you to spend more money than you have budgeted. It can also result in a large waste of time unnecessarily…. Continue Reading →

5 Steps to Perfect Cat Eye Makeup for Day or Night

One of the most beautiful and erotic makeup styles for the Asian woman’s eyes is the Cat Eye, which she can create with the following five steps utilizing eye liner, eye brush to blend, and plum and pearl tinted eye… Continue Reading →

Delicious recipes to brew up for dinner tonight

Sure, we all love drinking beer. But did you know that you can cook with it as well? Around the world people use it not only to complement their meals, but to supplement them as well. Using ale in your cooking… Continue Reading →

Easy, Healthy Drinks to Bring to Work for Quick Energy

Though you know that water is good for you, you probably grow tired of drinking the same liquid day in and day out. There is only so much water that you can drink before you feel like floating away. While… Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Get Groceries Conveniently in Singapore

Regular grocery shopping is like taxes; nobody wants to do it, but at some point becomes necessary to survive and function normally within society. If you live in Singapore, you most likely procure groceries in the traditional, inconvenient way, which… Continue Reading →

How Do You Shop For Groceries Online?

Shopping for groceries online is not a new idea. Online grocery stores have popped up since the digital age began, but today’s online grocery stores are more advanced than ever. This article explores how you may shop with an online… Continue Reading →

9 Ready-Made and Easy to Grab Healthy Snacks for People On The Go!

Everyone knows that if you have to eat lunch at work, the healthiest option is to pack your lunch at home and bring it in. But that’s not always easy when you are limited for healthy options and for time…. Continue Reading →

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