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Know the Regulations Regarding HDB Rentals

Flat sharing With Other Expats To take part in an HDB rental flat, you have to be a Singapore resident or a non-citizen who holds an employment pass. Tourists to the country are not allowed to rent an HDB flat. While… Continue Reading →

Creating a Functional and Inviting Room Requires Careful Planning

A well decorated room is mostly about the careful use of a handful of factors: visual appeal, functionality and the use of light in the space. A well designed room will typically be one in which all elements of the… Continue Reading →

4 Bedroom Design Tips

A well-designed bedroom will improve the way you live and sleep. It can transform your everyday tasks into a delightful hobby. To make your bedroom everything you want it to be, it is crucial that you learn about the process… Continue Reading →

Top Tips for Combating Dust in Your Home

A major problem in many homes is dust. The dust that settles around your home can make things appear dingy and unclean. Dust can also contain harmful allergens and bacteria. You need to address this problem directly. Here are a few… Continue Reading →

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