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LASIK Eye Surgery: See The World Around In A Clearer And Much Better Vision

  LASIK is a surgical procedure that employs a laser to treat farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. It’s a very popular refractive surgery exercised in Singapore. Patients love this eye treatment for its impressive results in correcting vision. Some patients experience… Continue Reading →

Epi-LASIK Eye Surgery: How Does It Work?

Over the past years, laser eye surgery has gained immense popularity across the globe. It helps people regain normal vision after suffering from various eye problems such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness and astigmatism. One of the emerging laser eye surgeries… Continue Reading →

Lasik Surgery Risks

Lasik surgery is an amazing option for anyone that has any type of problem with their vision, such as being near or far sighted. If you don’t know what Lasik eye surgery is, it is where an eye doctor takes either a… Continue Reading →

Eye Problems

As a person ages, he or she becomes more susceptible to eye problems. There are a variety of eye problems that can occur such as presbyopia. Presbyopia is when a person loses the ability to see close objects clearly, as well as small… Continue Reading →

Visionary Treatment in Singapore

Also known as short-sightedness, Myopia is an eye disease in which one’s retina is unable to properly recognize and regulate the perception of light. This causes objects at a distance to be distorted, while objects that are near remain in… Continue Reading →

What Causes Watery Eyes

What causes watery eyes? There are many common causes that come to mind. Allergies, a common cold, injuries or sinusitis. Persistent watery eyes can become more than just a nuisance they can become a serious health problem and should be… Continue Reading →

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