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How to Effectively Use an ICCP System to Prevent Corrosion

For businesses working with metal, be it machinery or material, corrosion is one of the biggest potential problems. Corrosion can really affect the longevity of your business and so if you’re an owner of vessels, it is important that you… Continue Reading →


The food industry is becoming reactive to the ever-increasing attention to the safety of food, be it from the regulatory agencies or the consumers. The techniques in processing, preparation, and distribution of food items are closely monitored not only in… Continue Reading →

Team Building Exercises For Your Office

Team building activities in Singapore are helpful for you when you know that you need to bring your office together. Everyone who wants to have a much more functional office needs to be sure that they are using these exercises to… Continue Reading →

Utilizing Cathodic Protection

All sorts of metal have a real problem when they are dealing with the elements of water day in and day out. One of the best things about utilizing metal is the fact that it is malleable and we can… Continue Reading →

International Shipping’s Unwanted Travelers

As we go about our busy lives, consuming goods and shopping for more, we give little thought to the fact that 80 to 90% of the world’s commodities find their way from one shore to another via large oceangoing transport… Continue Reading →

Treating The Water On Any Sea Vessel Safely

A ballast water treatment system for a boat is going to help keep the water clean for all the people onboard. The boat itself needs to have a treatment system that is going to be easy to manage, and the… Continue Reading →

What is a Ballast Water System?

Essentially, a water ballast system is necessary to safely operate a ship. However, the operation of these key systems can cause substantial threats to both the local economy and the overall environment. Ballast Water Treatment System A ballast water treatment… Continue Reading →

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