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Fitness Singapore: 5 Types of Group Exercises You’ll Want to Try

Exercising in a group may sound somewhat intimidating. There are so many ‘what-if’ questions to answer. What if I get laughed at for making a mistake? What if there’s someone better than me? What if I get told off in… Continue Reading →

10 Most Common Sports Injuries You Should Know About

Whether you’re a professional athlete or an active sports player, you are vulnerable to injuries time and again as you practice a sport.  Sports activities, such as mixed martial arts, basketball, baseball, and football pose higher injury risk to its… Continue Reading →

Healthy Cooking 101: Top 10 Ingredient Alternatives that Should be Present in Your Kitchen

It’s impossible to eat healthily when you’ve been using ingredients that are less than healthy. Achieving better health and wellness often starts in the kitchen and in the foods we eat. If you want to switch to a healthy diet… Continue Reading →

3 Telltale Signs That You Need to See a Doctor for Your Elbow Pain

  If you slip, fall, and land on your elbow, a fracture or dislocation is likely to take place. Common knowledge tells us that these instances are emergency situations and should be managed immediately. While it’s really not that hard… Continue Reading →

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