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Singapore is a great place to rent – public housing is affordable, tons of tourist sites and cultural landmarks to see, easy to get around thanks to the railway system, and a strong financial and technology center that’s buzzing with career opportunities. But as an expat, it can be intimidating to search for good apartment rooms due to lack of knowledge about the areas and policies governing it.

Figure Out Your Monthly Budget 

The transition will be costly, especially in the first few months when you’re still importing your belongings, buying new items like furniture and appliances, and paying for a 2-month or 3-month advance to your landlord. It’s also this time when you’re still getting used to the new environment and making all the expensive mistakes of eating at pricey restaurants and buying name-brand items. You’ll need to draw a hard line on your expenditures, and draw it fast. Keep in mind that financial assistance in a new country may be limited, so running out of funds can end catastrophically.

Create a Template Of Your Ideal Apartment 

Are you looking for an affordable room for rent or an entire house to fit the whole family? Do you need a serviced apartment unit where the rent covers all overhead expenses including utilities? Or perhaps a place close to work or school? Work on a template of the characteristics of your ideal rental property. Although it’s wishful thinking to expect that one specific apartment will have all the qualities you’re looking for, having a template will allow you to go through prospected properties at a more efficient rate.

First Impressions Are Important 

A good first impression is critical if you want to get approved on your property rental. This especially goes for HDB for rent since landlords and apartment managers are more stringent when vetting candidates. When setting up an initial appointment, be clear and polite. Study how Singaporeans do business and try to perform these habits when meeting with them face to face. More importantly, be on time. It’s okay to arrive real early. Being late on your first appointment may be taken by the manager or landlord as a sign of late payments in rent.

Be Alert 

When visiting the property, check for any potential problems. Does the ceiling look like its going to fall on top of you while you’re asleep? How about the electrical or plumbing systems? Is it well-maintained? Check walls and room corners for signs of mold, mildew, or pest infestation. These problems can be costly, and if you aren’t careful, you might be left with choice but to pay for the expenses directly from your pocket.

Using these 4 tips can make you a smarter tenant. It lets you find the right apartment unit for the best possible price. Make sure to ask questions when speaking face to face with landlords and apartment managers. Be firm and confident in stance so they don’t try to intimidate and treat you like a gullible expat they can make an easy buck from.