Deciding which hair products to use sometimes can be a daunting task and a tricky affair at the same time. One isn’t sure on whether to go for supermarket shampoos and conditioners or to use the stocked ranges displayed in salons. But many times, supermarket formulas get a bad rep for various reasons that somehow make many people think they might not be good for hair. Read more of this post to find out why.


#1 Contain a lot of Harmful Detergents

Many supermarket shampoos lather quite easily due to the combination of harmful detergents and surfactants used to produce them. Most salon-specific formulas often lather less, as they have gentler and more concentrated detergents and surfactants.

#2 Lack Conditioning Agents

Supermarket shampoos and conditioners have a higher detergent base than salon formulas. They do this to ramp up the conditioning agents to draw a softening effect on hair. However, many times this causes the hair much stress and end up forming residue or synthetic build-up in the hair. Shampoos should have sufficient conditioning agents, which allow the hair to become shiny, tangle-free and smelling fresh after the shower.

  #3 Cheap and Low-end Quality Ingredients

Supermarket beauty lines, especially many shampoos contain cheap and low-end quality ingredients. Many times manufacturers do this to ensure their bargain brand shampoo appeals to the many women variety, from all income levels. Salon-specific shampoos contain high-end quality ingredients and are formulated using advanced research and development—sure to yield excellent results all the time.


So, are supermarket beauty products really splurge-worthy or just a waste of cash? To be honest, choosing whether you should spend big on supermarket shampoos or salon formulas should be a matter of personal preference. Even your hairdresser can be a little biased and trick you to ditch supermarket lines for their stocked varieties since they benefit from you financially.

However, many times seeking a hairdresser is the most viable and best choice a person can make. Many of these people are strictly professionals and know about the type of your hair. They also know which particular shampoo and hair growth treatment to use to give your hair more volume depending on certain factors. Supermarket formulas are often deemed cheap and low quality. Follow this guide to be acutely aware of the reasons behind why supermarket shampoos may be harmful for your hair.