To feel relaxed and be amazingly fit at the same time may sound unimaginable today when everyone is always in a hurry and tired to make some exercise. Despite the demands of the modern world, people are still trying to be fit and healthy by engaging in activities they know they can. With Pilates, fitness and stress relief would be achieved in no time.


Here some tips for your Pilates sessions:


  1. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Pilates classes require you to move as freely as possible. Therefore, to make the most out of fit, start by choosing the right exercise clothes. Shorts does not count here. Some movements may require a full range of motion; you might not want to feel awkward on your moves.  Use no socks; you move with bare feet.


  1. Secure a Handy Towel

This is not just used to wipe your sweats off, it could also be used to provide support under your head to avoid neck strains. Take note, don’t put it under your neck. This is just needed to correct cervical placements in exercises that involve the neck, head, and hip bone. Ask your instructor if it is correctly placed.


  1. Take it Slow

If you can’t remember all the names of the exercises, don’t panic, take it slow. After all, it’s still your first. That’s the job of your instructor, to guide you all along the way. Pilates and fitness are friends; they gradually give you the best results you wanted.


  1. Focus

Avoid chatting with your friend as it may interfere with your ability to concentrate. Pilates asks you to remove all of your distractions and focus more on each of your breath and movement.


  1. Exercise with Diet

Exercise is not effective without a well-balanced diet. If your aim is to lose weight, then perhaps you should control your diet too as you control your body’s coordination. Start by brisk walking; it’s the simplest of all types. But don’t underestimate it, walking allows you to practice your pelvic floor lift.


  1. Practice at Home

What’s also good about Pilates fitness is that the exercises could easily be done at home. Breathing and stretching exercises are all available at the conveniences of your home.


  1. Make it Two

Aim to attend at least 2 classes a week for 1-2 hours.


Above all, what’s important is to enjoy it! The fact that you love what you are doing makes you happy, then you will become more productive at work or school. Don’t forget these basic tips as you reach your way to fitness!