Singapore is experiencing rapid population growth, with some 5.5 million citizens. Among them are some 440,000 men and women age 65 and older. That number is expected to more than double to some 900,000 by 2030.
If you are among the many elderly women in Singapore, you might experience hair loss that is common among elderly men and women everywhere. Fortunately, there are several excellent clinics that treat hair loss in Singapore.
Before you visit a clinic, here are six common causes of hair loss among senior women like you and what you might do to stop it.
1. Bad Diet Decisions
As you age, your body changes how it digests the food you eat and processes the nutrients. Your vital organs get more vitamins and nutrients, while your hair gets less. Taking supplemental vitamins and ensuring you eat healthful meals will help.
2. Trauma and StressGo for clinic to treat hair loss in SG when your body shed your hair under high stress
You don’t have to pull out your own hair to lose it when you are under stress or enduring trauma, such as the loss of a spouse or other loved one. That’s because your body will shed your hair for you when under high stress. Taking stress-reducing medications and exercising can help reduce your stress and keep your hair in its place.
3. Diabetes
Aging populations often experience greater rates of diabetes, which generally causes thinning hair in men and women. Diabetes can halt the growth of your hair, while Type 2 diabetes generally will slow the growth of new hair. If you have either form of diabetes, medical professionals often can prescribe treatment that will help you to keep healthy and your hair in place.
4. MenopauseMenopause causing hair loss and looks for clinic in SG to treat your hiar problem
When your estrogen levels drop, so does your body’s ability to continue growing that thick head of hair you enjoyed while younger. Your doctor likely can prescribe medication to supplement low estrogen and help restore your hair.
5. Handling Too Roughly
When you were young, you might have enjoyed braiding your hair or pulling it into a ponytail or bun. Now that you are older, that kind of rough treatment can remove your hair from weakened roots and follicles due to the aging process.
Likewise, hard brushing and frequent use of curling irons, straightening irons, bleach or hair dye can damage your hair and exacerbate its loss. As you get older, you should reduce the amount of rough handling your hair undergoes, and lessen the damage you cause via other daily treatment and coloring.
6. Hyperthyroidism
When your thyroid system goes out of balance, your body reacts in many ways. Among them is accelerated hair loss that causes your hair to thin rapidly. Your medical doctor can prescribe a course of treatment that addresses your condition and helps restore your hair.Hyperthyroidism accelerated hair loss and you need to treat hair loss problem at clinic in SG
Whether or not one or more of the six common causes of hair loss among elderly women in Singapore affects you, it’s possible to take precautions to help ensure you retain a full head of lush hair.
If, after taking preventive measures, you find your hair still is not its best, clinics that treat hair loss in Singapore can help you to restore your hair to its youthful fullness and vitality.