staff_moraleKeeping up the morale of your employees is vital, especially in an office setting. When morale is down, so is productivity. Now, most employers are aware that employees want to be treated fairly and to have equal opportunities to succeed in their careers. Though those two aspects alone don’t necessarily equal strong office morale. Thankfully, the mysteries of happy employees are not so far hidden that we cannot learn about them and put them into practice. In fact, most morale boosters that successful offices use, are fairly straight forward and only require a little extra effort.

If you’re one of the many wonderful employers or managers looking for ways to boost morale in the office, here are 5 ways to build and boost morale in your employees.


1. Safe Atmosphere

The best way to build and maintain strong morale in the office is to make sure all of your employees feel safe. Not just physically safe or safe from obvious factors like harassment. They also need to feel safe to bring up their work related concerns. Whether that’s provided through an HR counsellor or through raw management, it needs to be provided either way. This process needs to be quick and should not require a lot of paperwork or red tape, otherwise your employees will feel like it’s too difficult to voice their concerns and will keep them bottled up.


2. Weekly Competitions



This is a traditional way to boost morale while still maintaining focused relevancy on office productivity. You can easily use the same activities your employees complete every day, to create weekly competitions that make those mundane tasks more interesting.


3. Democratic Changes

When it comes to keeping up morale, one of the best ways to keep your employees happy is to allow them to participate in what happens to the work they do. It might seem silly to you, but to your employees it makes a great difference. Having a say in how or when you do your work, even if it’s only with small changes, can make you feel like your employer cares about you as an individual. That is one of the easiest morale boosters to implement and yet one of the most overlooked.


4. Art Jam

art jamTeam building exercises are a growing favourite of companies both large and small. Not only are they useful in helping teams bond together and work better together, but they are fun too. One of the rising team building games in Singapore and Hong Kong is Art Jams. This is where the team gets to participate in an art activity like painting. Though instead of painting individual images, the entire team paints on one canvas with a ton of paint.


5. Cooking Team Building

cooking team building


Cooking is a skill that not everyone has mastered, but should. That being said, a team cooking event isn’t going to teach your employees how to cook. It will however, teach them how to work together as one. Not only that, but while your team is having fun, you’ll immediately be able to tell who your strongest team leaders are.