Hair loss is no longer the major sign of aging in Singapore. These days, more and more young Singaporeans, regardless of gender, are showing pattern baldness mainly due to genetics and other reasons, including medications, illness, stress, and diet. For some women, they may also experience temporary hair loss after childbirth because of the changes in the body. If you’ve been experiencing hair loss, consider getting one of these hair loss treatments that you can find in Singapore.



Those who have keloid scars due to radiation injury, burns, surgery, or trauma are advised to seek non-surgical hair loss treatments instead. There are two most popular surgical treatments for hair loss, and they can be invasive with side effects. The first one is called hair grafting (sometimes also known as hair transplant), and the other is scalp reduction:


  1. Hair Grafting

If you’ve lost hair due to scalp injuries or burn (with no keloid scars formed), or are a man or a woman with pattern hair loss due to genetics, this treatment is for you. The procedure is performed by first injecting your scalp with a local anesthetic or sedation. Your dermatological surgeon will then remove some portion of your scalp (with hair) before cutting it into small segments. Each of the segments contains a variation of hair amounts. The surgeon will close the removed scalp area with stitches before cleaning it with gauze or a bandage. Sessions performed depend on the patient’s condition and needs. Common side effects include itching and crusting scalp, bruising, and swelling.


  1. Scalp Reduction

The procedure’s main goal is to cover up your bald areas on your head, except for your frontal hairline, and is performed by first injecting your scalp with local anesthetic and removing the scalp with bald segments. The surrounding skin with hair is then gently stretched and loosened to close the removed area with stitches. Common side effects include mild scalp tightness and headache.



If you prefer a more affordable, non-invasive treatment, you can try non-surgical treatments. The most popular ones in the country are:


  1. Topical Solution

Rogaine is one of the FDA-approved drugs when it comes to treating pattern baldness using a topical solution. It’s to be applied directly onto an area of your scalp where you want the hair to grow. The lotion also helps to slow down hair loss.


  1. Pills

The most effective pill to treat hair loss is Propecia, a prescription product which you can and must get only under the care of your doctor. For the best results, you’re advised to continue taking the pills even after you’ve witnessed hair regrowth. Discontinuing the treatment will not maintain the results.


  1. Hair Loss Shampoos

This treatment is often the first product people experiencing hair loss would go to. With so many products claiming to be the most efficient, it can be daunting to choose the right one. Instead of buying and trying the shampoos on your own, it’s best to consult an expert first. Most dermatologists would advise you to increase your nutrients intake, correct your diet, and help you get the right kind of hair loss shampoo that won’t trigger more hair loss.


Some of these treatments may or may not be suitable for you, depending on your health condition and other factors. Before you go for a hair loss treatment in Singapore, try to do some research and consult with a hair specialist or a dermatological surgeon regarding the best solution based on your condition and other needs. Getting the wrong kind of treatment could result in more hair loss, pain, and damaged follicles; which lessens your chances for a successful hair regrowth.