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There are three main reasons why people, mostly women, decide that they need to lose weight. One is because it is already a health issue; two is because the amount of fat in their body is making them lose their self-confidence; and three is because a momentous event in their lives is fast approaching.

The third reason is the one that usually invokes immediate action. If your wedding is coming up, you’d surely want to lose weight so that you can fit perfectly in that beautiful wedding dress you picked. So that you will look wonderful in your wedding pictures, here are five tips to help you get slimmer before your wedding:1

  1. Have a daily cardiovascular exercise routine. Cardio workouts are the best in helping you lose weight because it makes you sweat more. There are several options for cardiovascular exercises such as running, brisk walking, cycling and swimming. You can focus on one, like jogging for several kilometres a day, or you can alternate them every other day. The important thing is to do it regularly and in a progressive manner.2
  2. Drink more water. Drinking more water allows you to replace the fluids you lose when you sweat, which is essential so you don’t become dehydrated. Replace other fluid intake such as sodas and turn to water instead. When eating meals, have a glass of water handy so you can drink after every few bites to help you feel fuller quicker.3
  3. Have five or six small meals instead of the regular three big meals. Having small meals allows your digestive system to work steadily and in a nice pace. It will help your body absorb more of the nutrients, while easily eradicating those that you don’t need. Small meals also get rid of the hunger pangs that you sometimes feel in between meals which make you eat more at your next meal.4
  4. Sleep longer. Lifestyle in Singapore is usually fast paced and stressful. Even if your wedding is around the corner, you have to stay relaxed. Longer and deeper sleep allows you to regulate your hormones, helping you lose weight in a natural way.5
  5. Visit professional slimming centres. Slimming centres in Singapore have professionals who can check your body mass index, which will determine how much weight you need to lose in order to be healthy. They can also help you get rid of fat and tone your muscles in specific areas such as your arms and thighs.

Getting slimmer before your wedding is definitely possible when you have discipline and the right state of mind. Losing weight with your partner will also make it easier and more enjoyable.