One of the most beautiful and erotic makeup styles for the Asian woman’s eyes is the Cat Eye, which she can create with the following five steps utilizing eye liner, eye brush to blend, and plum and pearl tinted eye shadows. The following displays a short tutorial using:

• Oh My Line brown eyeliner or that of 3 Concept Eyes eye liner by House of Etude,

banila-co-colors-auto-stick-shadow-01-or• Banila CoColors Eye Stick Shadow Color Code 02 Beige Pearl
• Banila CoColors Eye Stick Shadow Color Code 03 Brown

• Purple range PP501 Plum Eye Shadow and sponge or brush as found in House of Etude products,
1. Using very short strokes between your eye lashes, begin drawing an eye line at the central top of your eye lid curve, until you have achieved a thin and clearly defined line from center to the outer edge of your eye. Confident this is applied well, take the line from the middle of your eyelid to the inner eye, so that the upper lid has a firm brown eyeliner line across the top lashes. Duplicate carefully with the lower lashes. Repeat for the other eye.

2. Next, using the brown eyeliner draw a heavy “double wing” at the outer corners of your eyes. This is done by drawing a line from the outer rim of lower and upper lashes ½ inch and ¼ inch long, pointing toward your temple. Using a blending brush or Q-tip, apply Banila Co Colours Eye Stick Shadow 03 Brown across the eyelid above the eye lid line you drew. Stretch the brown shadow coverage across both upper eyelids evenly, and then make heavy strokes into the eyelid creases. Lightly brush the brown stick shadow along your lower lashes to give your eyes depth.

3. Utilize Code 02 Beige Pearl Banila stick shadow to cover asmooth palette on your upper lid and the inner eye of lower lid, to brighten and lighten the inner eye corner. Brush the pearl beige shadow over the previous eye makeup in a light blending move.

4. Now you are ready for the plum colour of Etude House PP501. You can apply this as lightly or deeply as you desire the plum-purple tint to the lids of both eyes, just above the Brown shadow stick. Blend in your shadows smoothly before applying the beige pearl Banila shadow stick fully below your eyebrow, making a highlighted eyebrow effect.

5. As a final application, gently blend the colourscape so that the colours point artfully toward your outer eye corners. With a brush or your Q tips, “nudge” the cat eye slant at the outer eye edges to complete your cat eye look.


Perfect for Asian Eyes – Double Wing

The Asian woman has a distinct advantage in acquiring the sultry, exotic mystery eyes of the cat eye with her makeup, due to the fact that her natural eye shape has her half-way there, already. The double wing is a heavier cat appearance, perfect for evenings. The makeup can be applied with only one wing at the outer eye edges.



Artificial Eyelashes and/or Mascara

Carefully examine the effect with the cat eye five steps. When satisfied, apply darkest black mascara with volumizing, or your favourite false eye lashes, with the lower lashes sparser and the upper lashes longer and flush together.