The ability to get your employees to work as a team despite their differences is a skill every leader or entrepreneur should have. A better understanding of your workforce’s strengths and weaknesses is something you can use to encourage them to be more productive. Below are some team building ideas that can help you build a stronger company.


1) Clearly communicate your expectations from your workers. Confusion among your workers is a sign that they feel disconnected to you. This is especially true when it comes to the definition of what their roles are in the company. To solve this problem, you must tell your workers directly what you expect from them. It’s advisable that you create a document showing the short-term and long-term goals of the company as well as the responsibility of each employee in realizing these goals.



2) Encourage your employees to get involved in interactive team building activities. The main reason why team building activities are very effective is that they develop camaraderie among your workers. People tend to be more productive when they are among people they are comfortable with. There are a few team building games in Singapore that you can do. The city offers a lot of venues for fun and interactive activities.



3) Encourage collaboration. This is very important if you employ creative types of workers. You need to show them the value of tapping into the skills and knowledge of their co-workers. You can encourage collaboration by allowing your employees to work in groups for particular projects.



4) Set up a rewards system for your high-performing employees. The purpose of a rewards system is to show your workforce that you value their work and that they will get something in return should they surpass your expectations. A rewards system will boost office morale and encourage them to work even harder.



5) Be more hands-on in dealing with your employees. This means you need to interact with your employees in a more personal manner. When a worker completes an excellent project, you should personally extend a hand of gratitude or a personal note to said worker.


As the HR manager or owner of a business, you are the glue that keeps all your employees together. To be effective in your role, you should spend time and attention on each of the techniques discussed above. These practical techniques help in ensuring that every member of your workforce contributes to the realization of your company’s goals.