If you’ve been given the crucial task of finding the perfect venue for your company’s team building event, breathe. Yes, venue-hunting in Singapore requires a lot of research, but you definitely got this! When conducting a team building in Singapore, you need to prepare yourself with a detailed checklist, and thankfully, we have one right here.Education-Cost

  1. Cost The subject of costs comes naturally when you’re seeking a venue in Singapore that ticks all the boxes. Get your organizing committee to be clear with the budget allocated for the venue. Then, begin scouring the entire island for the perfect one. Stay savvy because you won’t be receiving any brownie points from human resources when you go over budget.7-steps-for-successful-location-based-campaign
  2. Strategic location Your colleagues are very likely to take the MRT or carpool to your company’s team building event. Therefore, you need to find a strategic location that is accessible for everyone. Take it a step further by emailing the location map or sending GPS coordinates to make it easier for everyone.1128x450_the-venue
  3. Venue layout Will the team building event be held indoors or outdoors? Check with the activities team and see what they have in mind. Organizing the event outdoors will give plenty of space for obstacle race and a scavenger hunt. Indoor spaces, on the other hand, will save your colleagues from being drenched from the unexpected rain.facilities-banner
  4. Facilities Feel free to ask the venue representative on the facilities available onsite, or risk sourcing your own at the very last minute. Must-have facilities you need for a team building event includes a sound system and audiovisual equipment, tables and chairs, decorations, and clean-up team.parking_spaces
  5. Parking spaces While some of your colleagues will be taking the MRT to the venue, your CEO and senior managers will likely be traveling in style. Find out if your chosen venue has enough parking spaces to accommodate a huge number of vehicles during team building day. Be prepared to set aside a few parking spots for your bosses’ vehicles as well.

Deciding on the perfect venue to host your team building event in Singapore sounds challenging at first. To ease your venue-hunting, it’s best to consider important aspects from budget and facilities to venue layout. Once you’ve finalized on the venue that fits the bill, give yourself a pat on the back and well done!