There comes a time in the life of every Singapore resident when he or she will need to sell a used vehicle. Getting the most amount of money from the sale is crucial because the person will have only one opportunity to complete the transaction correctly. A Singapore used car owner will want to take every step possible to increase the income that he or she can collect for the used or second-hand vehicle. The following are some helpful tips that a car owner can use to improve the amount of money that comes from the sale.


Check the Blue Book

The Kelley Blue Book website is one a popular tool that consumers use to check the value of a second-hand vehicle in Singapore. Kelley Blue Book gives a person an accurate asking price for used vehicle based on information such as damages, repair needs, mileage, engine and the like. Some similar sites exist. An Example of a similar site is the Nada Blue Book site. Both sites can be helpful when a person is trying to pinpoint the appropriate price, but they are only small tools that are part of a larger picture.

Make Minor Easy Repairs

Next, a Singapore used car owner will want to take the car to a local mechanic before selling the used vehicle. The consumer will want to attempt to repair some minor problems to increase the value of the vehicle. Examples of minor repairs that one can make are mirror replacements, paint chips and hose leaks. The vehicle owner will want to clean the car inside out so that other consumers will be interested in it. A clean coat of wax and a professional vacuum can make a car seem brand new.

Check Vehicle Sale Trends

Another tip for people trying to sell their used cars in Singapore is to study trends. Studying trends requires the consumers to check several car sale mediums and remember what people are asking for the vehicles. Vehicle owners will want to look in the local newspapers, auction sites and physical auctions. They will want to stop and observe what people place on their “for sale” signs, as well. This process will give the consumer an asking price to use.

Offer the Vehicle to as Many People as Possible

Finally, the car owner will want to offer it to as many people as possible. A large classified ad website is one way that a consumer can broadcast the availability of his or her vehicle. Car Mart in Singapore is a popular classified website that allows people to buy and sell used cars in Singapore. The goal of the site is to connect Singapore residents with used cars and new cars that they need. Additionally, drivers can visit the site to read tips and guides for road safety, repairs transport services and so much more. Used car sellers can increase their chances of obtaining a fair amount for the vehicle by listing it on the website.