What could be more comforting on a cold lazy day at home than a bowl of steaming porridge? Considered by many as the ultimate comfort food, homemade porridge can help fill up the tummy and warm up the body.

The procedure for making porridge seems straightforward enough. Boil some oats in milk, add some toppings, and you’re done. But because the recipe doesn’t call for too many frills or ingredients, it can be hard to make a bowl that’s truly tasty.

Getting ready to crank up the flavour and make a bowl of porridge that you can really dig into? Check out these three secrets for the perfect porridge every time:1

  1. Get the Right Oats – Lined up on supermarket shelves, processed and instant oats are the common choice for many because they’re cheap and easy to cook. However, that convenience does come at a price. The process that allows food manufacturers to prolong the shelf life and shorten the preparation time of their oats also saps some serious flavour and texture from the product. There’s a distinct taste and a special consistency that’s unique to organic, unprocessed oats and that can seriously boost the quality of your porridge. Try out the different natural oats available to you and make combinations to get the perfect consistency.2
  2. The Right Ratio – Get those ratios between oats, water, and milk all wrong, and your bowl of porridge might seem like a queasy mouthful. As a general rule, adding some water to the milk will help reduce the thickness and richness of the porridge, which makes it a more enjoyable texture. But what exactly is the golden ratio? For milk and water, a ratio of 1:2 should do just fine. Depending on how long your oats will take to cook, you should also consider how much dry ingredients you mix in. If your oat of choice cooks for more than five minutes, expect some serious evaporation. To get the right consistency, a ratio of 1:3 oats to liquid should give the best results.3
  3. Some Early Preparation – The reason people like preparing porridge at home is because it’s fast, easy, and simple. But if you really want to step up that quality, investing some time for the preparation process should help make your bowl better than ever. For oats that take longer to cook, consider soaking them in a milk and water combination to help speed up the cooking process and make the oats more flavourful. Keep the oats in a cool room overnight and strain the water the next day when you cook the oats.

Turn that plain bowl of porridge into a real meal guaranteed to keep your family craving for more. Keep these three secrets in handy for when you make porridge at home to get perfect results every time.