Whether you’re a professional athlete or an active sports player, you are vulnerable to injuries time and again as you practice a sport.  Sports activities, such as mixed martial arts, basketball, baseball, and football pose higher injury risk to its players. These are the 10 most common sports injuries you should know about:webmd_rm_photo_of_lower_back_pain

  1. Sciatica Those who are active in playing baseball, tennis, golf, running and cycling could have a lower-back pain that goes all the way down to your legs, called sciatica. Sciatica is often caused by a bad or wrong
  2. Hamstring Strain This tendon or muscle injury affects the back of your thighs, and is particularly common in activities like waterskiing or hurdling. Healing takes between 6 to 12 months.shutterstock168667280copy
  3. Golf or Tennis Elbow Elbow injuries are common in sports where the use of your elbow is repetitive, like golf or tennis. This type of injury normally happens to those aged between 30 to 60 years old.shouldr-pain-exercises-prevent-injury
  4. Shoulder Injury A shoulder injury includes strains, sprains and dislocations, and is caused by repetitive use of shoulder, particularly in sports like volleyball, basketball, baseball, weightlifting, swimming, and tennis.maxresdefault-1
  5. Patellofemoral Syndrome Patellofemoral syndrome means knee injuries, and is the most common type of sports injury. Such injuries often happen to those who runs, or plays volleyball, football, swimming, cycling, or basketball.woman-with-shin-splints
  6. Shin Splints Shin splints mean the shooting pain felt on the lower side of the front of your leg. It typically occurs in runners, anyone who’s not used to doing exercises, or those who participate in an intense exercise too soon before their body is ready.adductorsgraston
  7. Groin Pull This injury means bruising that occurs on the groin, or the inner thigh of your muscle. It often happens to those who play baseball, football, and hockey. Healing can take around a week or two.fig1
  8. Concussion Brain injuries can be fatal in serious cases. Athletes who are involved in football, boxing, hockey, and wrestling are the most vulnerable to concussion. Seek professional treatment immediately.Knee injury
  9. ACL Tear ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament, and is among the most serious sports injuries. A torn ligament requires immediate surgery.xray-620x330
  10. Hip Flexor Strain This is a type of injury where the hip flexor is stretched too much or torn, and often happens to people in sports like hockey, football or martial arts.

For most minor cases, your injury could simply be treated with plenty of rest, anti-inflammatory medication, and ice pack. Get professional treatment as soon as possible if your injury doesn’t subside by itself after you’ve done everything you can to treat it. Check out for more info on treating bone-related injuries.